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Best flooring for pets

Hardwood Flooring

Dog on Hardwood Flooring

Pets and flooring don’t usually go well together but hardwood flooring is even harder to protect from pets! The floor can be damaged by your pet nails. It’s not a big deal when you have a kitten but medium to big dogs are hardwood flooring’s worst nightmare! You can choose to shorten your pet nails to smooth them, it will help to protect your floor. Be also aware that any liquid accident can stain the floor immediately. In short, if you choose to use a hardwood flooring, you want to be extra careful!

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Treat yourself with the best for Christmas


Christmas is around the corner and you are probably already wondering what to get for your family and yourself !

It might not be the first item on your Christmas wishlist but flooring can take your house to the next level of comfort and design!


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Five ways to use leftover flooring

You bought and installed your flooring and you’ve got some leftovers. Instead of putting them in the bin, here are some ideas to use them!

Wall decoration

Wall decoration

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Flooring of the playhouse


Flooring of the doll’s house


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How to transform your floor for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to plan the best and scariest party your friends have ever seen! Whether it’s decor, drink or food, everything has to be “halloweeny” special, even your floor!

The Ghost Army

Ghost Army

The Lava Floor

Lava Floor

The Haunted Creaking Floor

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Universal Click Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring has been used for many years in both commercial and domestic installations and provides a durable, practical and cost effective floor finish.
Universal Click Vinyl Flooring

Great value and versatile Click Vinyl Flooring range.

Some draw backs of this type of flooring have been, sometimes costly and time consuming floor preparation, adhesive choices and reactions to site conditions. Universal Click Vinyl Flooring has solved this problem as it doesn’t

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New Flooring Trends 2015

Who does not like wood flooring ?

Moduleo Tectona Teak

Wood flooring is a timeless product, but it’s texture and colors have changed over time. For a long time, people opted for a wood flooring with a natural color which could be either a light or a dark brown, depending on the type of wood itself.

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