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New Flooring Trends 2015

Who does not like wood flooring ?

Moduleo Tectona Teak

Wood flooring is a timeless product, but it’s texture, colors and characteristics have changed over time. For a long period of time, people opted for a wood flooring with a natural color which could go from a light to a dark brown depending on the type of wood itself.

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10 amazing child’s bedroom

As parents, we always want the best for our children. But sometimes the question is : what do they really need? What would make them happy? We want something they can enjoy for years!

Here are a few ideas and concepts to create an amazing bedroom for your kid! For more ideas, check our Pinterest

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Woodland Click

Woodland Click

What’s different from other vinyl flooring ?

First of all, the Woodland Click range has a registered emboss finish which give a truly natural look to the products. You have the design but you also get the texture! Woodland Click feels warm and comfortable under the feet!

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10 Amazing Autumn Ideas For Your Home

Summer is gone, but wait, Autumn is here and there’s so many ideas to change your home decor and feel happy again! Here are the 10 best ideas that will hopefully cheer up you and get you excited for the end of the year. Feel free to steal ideas and concepts!

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Whether we live in a house in the middle of the country side or in a flat situated in the city center, we don’t always place big rooms in our home but we still want to have a nice home decor. It is sometimes hard to get the most of a small space.

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Cushioned Flooring is a very versatile product. You can create as many original style as you want for your rooms. We recommend that all sheet vinyl be fitted onto a solid, clean and smooth sub-floor to make sure you will get a warm and comfortable sensation under foot. Why one do you like the most?

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