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Floor Installation Guide: Amtico

Amtico Installation Overview

The installation of Amtico Flooring is straightforward and follows the same guidelines that apply to all quality resilient tile floors. Good preparation is essential for a trouble-free installation. Amtico can be laid on concrete, timber, stone and many other sub-floors, which have been suitably prepared. Site conditions must comply with the relevant national regulations.

Amtico is not suitable for external installation or unheated locations but it can be used with under-floor heating providing it is switched off for 48 hours before and after laying (the maximum permitted surface temperature is 27°C/81°F). We recommend that the installed floor should not be allowed to cool below 13°C during its service life.

Tiles, adhesive and sub-fl oor must be allowed to stabilise to a consistent temperature between 18°C and 27°C (64°F and 81°F) for a period of 24 hours before and after installation. Tiles must be stored flat.

Following installation, Amtico should be protected from heavy traffic for 24 hours and must not be washed for 48 hours. Always follow other manufacturers’ recommendations when using their proprietary materials for sub-fl oor preparation.

Installation Amtico over a Sub-floor

Careful sub-floor preparation is vital for an excellent floor appearance and good tile adhesion. The sub-floor must be hard, smooth, clean, dry, free from defects and fit for purpose. A suitable levelling compound should be used to ensure that no irregularities show through to the surface of the finished floor.

In all cases, the sub-floor must be sufficiently dry and the relative humidity (RH) checked to ensure it is not greater than 75% RH by using a suitable moisture test method.

Direct-to-earth concrete and stone sub-fl oors must have an effective damp proof membrane (DPM). Follow manufacturer’s detailed instructions for the installation of a surface DPM and the use of levelling compound.

Installing Amtico over New Concrete

Must be allowed suffi cient time to dry thoroughly as it will contain a high percentage of residual moisture. Apply levelling compound.

Installing Amtico over Old Concrete

Must be cleaned of all paint, grease, wax and any other foreign matter. Apply levelling compound.

Installing Amtico over Old Resilient Floors

Existing tiles should be lifted and adhesive residues removed by scraping. No solvents should be used to remove old adhesive. Apply levelling compound. N.B. As a safety precaution when lifting vinyl asbestos tiles the appropriate safety measures should be adhered to.

Installing Amtico over Terrazzo/Stone

Repair worn or damaged areas. Degrease and apply levelling compound.

Installing Amtico over Timber

Must be overlaid with minimum 6mm (1/4”) exterior or flooring grade plywood, which must be suitably secured. A suitable feathering or finishing compound should be used to ensure joints are not visible when the Amtico installation is complete.

Installation and Adhesives

Recommended Amtico Flooring Adhesives

Only the recommended Amtico adhesive should be used – others will not give adequate performance and may fail:

  • Amtico International PS Adhesive - PS Adhesive is a very low emissions (EC1), water-based acrylic Adhesive that has an extended working time of 3 hours and is recommended for all areas except those subject to heat or moisture.
  • Amtico International SF Adhesive - SF Adhesive is a water-based acrylic adhesive with a working time of 1 hour that can be used in the same areas as PS Adhesive.
  • Amtico International HT Adhesive - HT Adhesive is a single-part, water-based acrylic adhesive that has improved temperature resistance. It is recommended for areas subject to some heat variations, such as conservatories and adjacent to sunny windows. It is also suitable for use where underfl oor heating has been fitted.
  • Amtico International Universal 2-Part Adhesive - Universal Adhesive must be used for bonding Amtico in wet areas such as shower rooms. It may also be used for high temperature areas. Universal is entirely solventfree and classifi ed as EC1 with respect to very low VOC emissions.

Usage of Adhesives

Follow the instructions on the packaging. Spread adhesive evenly using a trowel with notch size 1.5x5mm (UK), a Euro A2 (1.8x1.2x1.65mm) or V notch 1/16th” x 1/16th” x 1/16th” (USA). Do not use worn trowels.

Only spread sufficient adhesive that can be covered within the recommended open time.

Amtico tiles should be rolled with a 45kg (100lbs) roller as soon as possible after laying and before the adhesive sets – timing will depend on site conditions but is generally 1-2 hours after spreading the adhesive.

Always clean away excess adhesive before it is allowed to dry – use a soft cloth moistened with Amtico Adhesive Remover. Dried adhesive can be removed by carefully scraping it off the tile, or by using a 3M blue pad moistened with Amtico Adhesive Remover.

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