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Durable and Versatile Floating Vinyl Flooring

Traffic Master Allure 'African Mahogany' Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring

Traffic Master Allure 'African Mahogany' Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring

In many situations floating vinyl flooring such as our self adhesive Traffic Master Allure range can be an absolute revelation. But when is this product called for, and what makes it so effective?

Just like regular vinyl tiles, floating tiles are durable, versatile, attractive and affordable. While it’s difficult to find a fault with floating flooring, there are numerous advantages. Here is a list of just a few things that lift floating vinyl above the competition.

  1. Floating vinyl flooring actually sits above the bottom surface of a room. While a bumpy, gritty under-floor can quickly deteriorate traditional vinyl tiles, those worries are removed with floating vinyl.
  2. Since the floating tiles are glued together and rest on a sub-floor, they are a much warmer flooring option for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement or garage. There is no better solution to a damp floor than floating vinyl.
  3. The construction of the floating system not only creates a layer of insulation and improved stability, but also is effective at eliminating sound. Whether you are interested in cutting out noise from inside or outside, above or below, floating vinyl flooring will help.
  4. When replacing a floor, certain old materials are just easier to leave down as opposed to spending the time, sweat and expense to remove them. Floating flooring can be laid down right over an existing floor, saving you the hassle and mess of pulling it up.
  5. Floating vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. Scratched and damaged tiles are repaired or replaced in no time.
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