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Choosing the Perfect Floor for your New Home

When we speak about flooring, we don't think of it as a fashionable item or product. However, it's something we see and walk on every day. Its texture, design and colours affect our home environment and as a consequence, our daily life. Flooring is the base of your home comfort and decor so we would better not neglect it.

Hopefully this post will help you get through the process of choosing the perfect floor for your new home!


WP311-Grano Karndean

WP311-Grano Karndean

It goes without saying that different rooms in your house will have distinct properties and needs. That's why it is the first criteria to take into consideration is : where do I want my new flooring?

The answer will change everything. For example, in the kitchen or bathroom where you might have water or other liquids falling on the floor, you definitively want a waterproof and very resistant flooring while in your room you can get any type of flooring. Most of the people go for either beautiful wood flooring, carpet or colourful cushion vinyl flooring.


Moroccan style Cushion vinyl flooring

Moroccan Style Cushioned Sheet Flooring

Decoration is not just about coloured candles, pillows and some wall frames!

If you really want to create your own original style, then the first step is to include your flooring in your home decoration. You can play with the design, textures and colours. It does require some thinking but it's all worth it in the end!


Woodland Click Delamere Oak

Woodland Click Delamere Oak

Renovating your home is a long term investment and so is your flooring. Hence why, you definitely want to make sure that first of all you will have no problem living with this flooring for years. Also you want to get a product with a long period guarantee like the new range Woodland click that has a 20 years residential guarantee.


Moduleo Xfloor Starter Pack

Moduleo Xfloor Starter Pack

Your flooring is a long term investment if you  take good care of it throughout the years. It exists a lot of products to either clean your flooring or maintain its quality. You must choose those products carefully depending on the properties and the brand of your flooring. You can often pick up free flooring maintenance packs with your new flooring such as this Moduleo starter pack.



Moduleo Latin Pine 24110 Transform

Once you defined all the criteria above, It is important you do your research about prices. Flooring prices can go as low as £5 per square foot to over £30. Hence, it is critical to first take the measurements of your room and make the math to find the best option possible. In addition of the cost of the flooring itself, you will need to check if there are any shipping fees to add on to your budget.

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