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Tips For Installing Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

Flexo Self Adhesive Floor tiles

Flexo Self Adhesive Flooring

The whole idea behind self-adhesive vinyl flooring is to take advantage of a versatile, highly durable material, which also happens to be easy to install.

The only way you can go wrong with this affordable and attractive flooring option is by botching the installation job. Even though these self-adhesive tiles are constructed specifically to make the job easy, there are some very important steps that you will want to do right, or run the risk of having to do all over again.

  1. Make sure the surface you are putting your flooring down on is smooth. It might take a little extra time to fill any holes and sand off grit or bumps, but in the long run it’s essential for a long-lasting installation.
  2. Carefully "square" your floor and create a plan for laying out the tiles in advance. The first row of square tiles must be perfect or the error will be evident throughout the design.
  3. Use a vinyl tile cutter instead of a razor knife when cutting any tile. It will save you time and effort while ensuring a more professional looking job.
  4. When you go to buy, rent or borrow your vinyl tile cutter, look into getting a heavy floor roller for rolling the tile. Read the instructions for installing your self adhesive vinyl flooring in advance so that you are aware of how much time you have to roll the tiles after placing them.
  5. Remember to speak to us! We're happy to help our customers with installation tips and advice.
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