Geometric Shapes Floral Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Our porcelain tiles not only look amazing but they are very versatile with a multitude of uses. Because they are porcelain they are suitable for walls and floors and can be used externally too. Our colourful selection includes tiles in hexagon and classic square.

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  1. Elyria Diamond Geometric Wall And Floor Tiles In Blue And White For Kitchens And Bathrooms
    Loft Wall and Floor Tiles - Elyria
    £37.48 per m2 As low as £16.89
  2. Melah Patterned Porcelain Wall And Floor Tiles With Worn Edges For Aged Look In Grey And Blue
    Gabana Wall and Floor Tiles - Melah
    £37.48 per m2 As low as £16.89
  3. Gabana Rubeli Floral Design Porcelain Tile In Grey With Lustre Effect For Indoor And Outdoor Use
    Gabana Wall and Floor Tiles - Rubeli
    £37.48 per m2 As low as £16.89

3 Items

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