Shabby Chic Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet Vinyl Flooring is an easy DIY flooring choice. It is soft, cushioned and warm underfoot and allows you to create an amazing floor at a fraction of the price. Choose from over 100 designs in a variety of colours.

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  1. blue, brown and white distressed cushion vinyl flooring sheet lino
    Cushion Vinyl Flooring Sheet Sky Painted Wood
    £11.49 per m2
  2. Blue, Green And White Herringbone Style Vinyl Flooring Pacific Painted Wood
    Herringbone Cushioned Vinyl Flooring Sheet Pacific Painted Wood
    £11.99 per m2
  3. Snow Painted Wood Sheet Vinyl Flooring Roll With Reclaimed Planks
    Cushion Vinyl Flooring Sheet Snow Painted Wood
    £11.49 per m2
  4. Antique Grey Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring Sheet Gustavian 07 For Bathroom Floors
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 07
    £12.99 per m2
  5. Purple And Brown Shabby Chic Design Vinyl Flooring With Aged Look
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 05
    £12.99 per m2
  6. Antique Style Cushion Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 03 (Almeria Blue)
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 03
    £12.99 per m2
  7. Black And Grey Antique Design Sheet Vinyl Flooring In Tile Effect Style
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 02
    £12.99 per m2
  8. Red And Beige Shabby Chic Vinyl Flooring With Smooth Surface Finish
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 01
    £12.99 per m2
  9. Salvaged distressed blue wood sheet vinyl flooring
    Cushion Vinyl Flooring Sheet Ocean Painted Wood
    £11.49 per m2

9 Items

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  • Named Day Delivery
  • Generous Sized Samples
  • Easy Installation: Loose Lay or Glue Down
  • Suitable for Any Living Space
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating
  • Water Resistant

Sheet Vinyl Flooring is an easy to install, soft, warm and a very comfortable modern flooring choice.

We are delighted to offer a wide choice of cushioned vinyl floor designs from classic to abstract. Vinyl rolls mainly come in 2m and 3m widths and sometimes 4m and 1m wide. You can choose your own length.

Sheet vinyl is an easy to install DIY flooring option and while mainly found in kitchens and bathrooms you can lay it in any living space, even conservatories. If you choose a felt backed sheet vinyl you can even lay it directly over existing floor as the felt smooths out irregularities.

Sheet vinyl is often referred to as lino flooring or linoleum because it comes in sheet format with different colours, patterns and is long lasting. But there are a number of benefits to vinyl vs lino including and water resistance and cushioned felt or foam backing.