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FAQ’s for eleEase Products

Q. Is eleEase a Contract product?
A. Yes, eleEase has a class T rating – suitable for heavy contract with 0.55mm wear layer

Q. What is the adhesive in eleEase?
A. The adhesive is Japanese and a patented product.  It is an oil based pressure sensitive adhesive.

Q. How many times can the Plank/Tile be separated and Re-stuck?
A. We would expect up to 3 times, but it depends on the levels of contamination (dust, fingerprints etc) on the grab strip.  The greater the contamination the fewer times it can be separated and re-stuck.

Q. What sub-floors are suitable for eleEase?
A. Concrete, Timber, Sand & Cement, Anhydrate, Asphalt, existing vinyl tiles, Linoleum, Ceramic tiles etc, please refer to installation guide.

Q. Can eleEase be laid on uneven floors?
A. No, floors should be flat.

Q. Can eleEase be laid in conservatories?
A. Yes, but be aware of the temperatures 170C – 290C that should be maintained to avoid any expansion or contraction. Conservatories can often be problematic mainly due to the very high temperatures which occur during prolonged sunlight and lack of ventilation, particularly while people are away on holiday or at work.

Q. Can individual Plank/Tiles be replaced?
A. Yes by splitting the damaged plank/tile down the centre and removing, gentle heat will assist on the adhesive being pliable.  Ask our Technical Staff for further details.

Q. Will pallet trucks damage the floor or cause it to split?
A. No, tests with pallet trucks and 1 tonne weights have been carried-out and no damage or movements occurred, so we advise that pallet trucks can be used on top of the eleEase.

Q. Can eleEase be used on wet sub-floors?
A. British Standard BS8203 states that moisture in the sub-floor should be below 75’RH or a surface treatment such as an epoxy DPM should be installed.  However after carrying out tests we recommend that the eleEase can be installed up to 95’RH and this will create cost savings for the client.

Q. Can eleEase be beveled on the edges?
A. Yes .

Q. Can the eleEase be laid in Kitchens/Bathrooms?A. YesQ. Should eleEase be installed by qualified fitters?
A. We would always recommend for commercial installations that qualified floor layers should carry out the installation.  In domestic situations the advantage of eleEase is that it is a DIY product.

Q. Should eleEase be acclimatized prior to installation?A. Yes, we recommend at least 48 hours prior to installation.Q. Is installing eleEase different from dry back tiles?
A. Yes, you should set out from either the left or right perimeter, depending on whether the installer is left or right handed.  The perimeter piece should be scribed to the wall with the overhang adhesive top being cut off.  The adhesive strip should always be on the inward side.

Q. How do you cut the eleEase, with it being 4mm thick?
A. You should use a sharp Stanley knife on the surface and then if necessary cut through the backing as with normal luxury vinyl tiles.

Q. Can eleEase be fitted with feature strips?
A. Yes, eleEase feature strips only, but we do not recommend feature strips greater than 5mm as this may affect the bond.

Q. How do we ensure a good bond between the plank/tiles?
A. For commercial installations a 68kg roller should always be used.

Q. Can eleEase be laid over existing floor coverings?
A. Yes, as long as it is flat and any holes have been in filled.  Soft sub-floors are not recommended, such as thick pile carpet, as any movement may cause the joints to open.

Q. Does the fact that eleEase is 4mm thick give any sound insulation?
A. Yes you will get above 8db sound insulation.

Q. Can eleEase be laid on a 450angle?
A. Yes but this is a skilled process and our technical department should be contacted by the installer to discuss the process prior to installation.

Q. In big areas is it possible to work in different directions?
A. Yes the special transition strip is specifically designed for this. Please contact Eletiledirectly for more information.