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Karndean Flooring - Care and Maintenance

Routine Care & Maintenance of Karndean Flooring

General care and maintenance of your floor could not be easier:

  • Remove all loose debris from the floor by using a soft sweeping brush or dust mop.
  • Damp mop with the recommended Routine Cleaner (dilute as applicable).
  • Only use propriety floor cleaning products. DO NOT use bleachbased products or washing up liquid.
  • Stubborn stains may be removed by spot cleaning with the recommended Routine Cleaner or Basic Stripper.
  • Attend to spillages immediately.
  • Do not use household cleaners on the floor for general cleaning unless they are specified for floors as they can often leave an oily residue which could make the floor slippery and lead to potential slip hazards.

Restoring Your Karndean Floor

Over time and in high traffic areas, dulling may occur. To refresh your floor to its initial beauty and appearance follow these easy steps:

  • Remove all loose debris from the floor by using a soft sweeping brush or dust mop.
  • Apply the Basic Stripper (diluted as applicable), strip off all grease and ingrained dirt using the provided white pad.Agitate the stripper solution regularly as this allows the stripper to work more effectively.DO NOT allow the Basic Stripper to dry on the floor.
  • Rinse the floor well removing all residue of the Basic Stripper.
  • Once completely dry apply two thin coats of the Refresh, using the blue/white pad allowing each application to fully dry between coats. Apply coats at right angles to ensure an even coating.

Tips for Maintaining Your Karndean Floor

  • All hard floors can be slippery when wet. Take extra care when cleaning and ensure the floor area is allowed to dry completely before use. During periods of wet weather,it may be necessary to put down extra matting to prevent water from being brought in from outside.
  • Mop up spillages as soon as possible to prevent spots becoming stains.Use of Refresh Floor Protector should ensure better protection from most substances.
  • Use quality, non-rubber backed entrance mats approximately two paces wide to protect against grit and other substances from scratching the floor. Ensure they are cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Do not allow silicone-based products, (e.g. polish or glass cleaner) to come into contact with the floor. These can make the floor very slippery.
  • Use only our cleaning products. Other products may contain agents that can damage resilient floor surfaces.
  • Do not apply thick coatings of Refresh Floor Protector. Two thin coats as per the instructions on the container will besufficient or for high traffic areas, three coats may be necessary.
  • Do not slide or drag furniture or other objects across the floor. Use load bearing castors to protect against indentation from heavy items.
  • As with all resilient floorcoverings, prevent man-made rubber or latex material from coming into contact with the floor. Permanent discolouration of the floor can occur as a result

Karndean Trouble Shooting

Scuff Marks

  • Cause: Friction from foot traffic across the floor surface.
  • Solution: The floor should be thoroughly cleaned using Basic Stripper and Refresh reapplied if appropriate.This process should be repeated every six months, or as the volume of traffic dictates.

Slippery Floor

  • Cause: Greasy residues on the floor/Detergent residue – use of unsuitable or over concentrated maintenance products.
  • Solution: Remove residue with absorbent paper then thoroughly clean the floor with diluted Routine Cleaner.


  • Cause: Excessive grit or dirt on the floor.
  • Solution: Ensure appropriate entrance matting is used. We recommend a depth of at least two paces from the entrance. Sweep the floor frequently and ensure that the floor is dressed with Refresh to provide additional protection for the floor.

Streaky Appearance

  • Cause: Basic Stripper has not been removed properly/Irregular drying of Refresh due to underfloor heating, strong sunlight or draughts.
  • Solution: Remove the Refresh with Basic Stripper, then thoroughly rinse the floor making sure all remains of Basic Stripper are removed.

Poor Appearance

  • Cause: Incorrect cleaning products used/Use of dirty maintenance equipment/Refresh applied to a dirty surface.
  • Solution: Use only recommended cleaning products. Use Basic Stripper to restore the floor to its original appearance and reapply Refresh if required.

Whether you are restoring a Karndean floor, installing one from new or need the odd replacement tile you can find a huge selection of tiles, planks and design strips right here. We also have a best price guarantee which means we beat any genuine quote. Please contact us for assistance.

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