Black Parquet Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer floor product that gives the appearance of a wood floor. It is an easy to install flooring option as the planks 'click' together, making it a popular choice for home DIY flooring projects. While laminate flooring isn't as long lasting as vinyl flooring or traditional wood flooring, it is relatively durable, cost effective, hygienic and easy to maintain. We stock a wide range of laminate planks and we are proud leading UK suppliers of Quick Step and Egger laminate floors.

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  1. berry alloc chateau herringbone style laminate flooring in charcoal with 4v bevelled edges charme black
    Berry Alloc Chateau Laminate Flooring Charme Black
    £28.99 per m2

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We send free laminate underlay with some of our brands. This will be auto added to your basket at prior to checkout.