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Quick Step Laminate Flooring - Maintenance Guide

Can a Quick-Step floor get scratched?

The surface of a laminate floor is made of melamine. Melamine is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. European directives have determined the standards and tolerances. Sharp objects can certainly scratch the floor. For this reason, you should take the necessary precautions.

  • Sharp objects like dirt, sand and/or grit can stick to your shoes. This dirt can be collected efficiently at the exterior days by placing the correct doormats.
  • Furniture (chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.) should be fitted with adequate protection under the legs. This is usually felt or soft plastic caps. Make sure no sand or grit is trapped in the protective caps of furniture legs. Pets with very sharp nails can also cause scratches.
  • Soft caster must be used under 'mobile' furniture such as office chairs, seats and sofas (see question: "Can office chairs be used on Quick-Step?"). Hard or damaged casters can cause scratches. Make sure the casters turn properly. If this is not the case, use adequate protectors (see photos) The furniture can be moved on these protectors.
  • When using a vacuum cleaner, check that the wheels and the brush are not damaged or too hard, and that they can revolve freely.

How do you maintain Quick-Step?

The daily maintenance routine consists of removing dust and loose dirt. This can be done dry.

With the Quick-Step maintenance kit you clean dry as well as slightly moist. When cleaning dry, the microfiber tissue collects all dirt effectively thanks to its special shape and material. For more intensive maintenance, a slightly moist clean is sufficient. For the slightly moist cleaning, the microfiber tissue is moistened with the water spray and a little Quick-Step cleaning product, or you can use a well-wrung floor cloth.

For cleaning floors with bevelled V-grooves, it is recommended to only clean dry because moist cleaning may cause the dirt to accumulate in the bevelled grooves and this will be difficult to remove. For this reason, you must always vacuum the floor first or clean with a dry microfiber tissue. Then use a slightly moist tissue if necessary.

Always use a dry microfiber tissue to finish cleaning.

Is a special cleaning product necessary for normal maintenance?

If the floor is used intensively, a greasy layer may build up on the surface and then you should use the Quick-Step maintenance product with water. If you walk about the house in your socks or if small children play or crawl around on the floor, or if you have a dog, then this is even more the case.

A suitable maintenance product is a product that does not build up layers on the floor, and does not contaminate the seams and cause them to swell. Quick-Step maintenance product has been specially developed for this. Combined with the Quick-Step microfiber tissues, this guarantees perfect and carefree cleaning.

How can I remove traces of paint or felt pens on Quick-Step?

You can easily remove these kinds of stains with organic solvents such as white spirit, thinner, etc. These products will not harm your Quick-Step floor at all. Always apply these products on a cloth and never directly on the laminate floor.

Can I repair a Quick-Step floor?

Minor damage to the surface (scoring) can be filled with Quick-Step Fix. Cracks in the floor can be repaired with Quick-Step Kit. Both products are available in all Quick-Step designs. The damage can hardly be seen once repaired.

More serious damage can be repaired by replacing one or more planks, even in the middle of the floor. This is very easy thanks to the Uniclic(x) system.

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