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  1. Hexagon Tile Design Sheet Vinyl In White Marble With Gold Printed Groutlines
    Carrara Bianca Esagono Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    £12.99 per m2
  2. black hexagon tile design sheet vinyl for kitchens and bathrooms
    Carrara Nera Esagono Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    £12.99 per m2
  3. Skinny Mocha Vinyl Flooring Sheet Lino With Thin Stripes And Foam Backing
    Vinyl Flooring - Skinny Mocha
    £11.49 per m2
  4. Brown And Silver Striped Vinyl Flooring Sheet With Foam Backing Skinny Latte
    Vinyl Flooring - Skinny Latte
    £11.49 per m2
  5. Constantine Grey Moroccan Tile Effect Cushioned Vinyl Flooring
    Vinyl Flooring - Constantine Grey
    £12.99 per m2
  6. Green Tile Effect Patterned Vinyl Flooring Sheet Lino Design For Kitchens And Bathrooms
    Vinyl Flooring - Constantine Green
    £12.99 per m2
  7. Blue retro patterned sheet vinyl flooring
    Vinyl Flooring - Constantine Blue
    £12.99 per m2
  8. Antique Grey Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring Sheet Gustavian 07 For Bathroom Floors
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 07
    £12.99 per m2
  9. Purple And Brown Shabby Chic Design Vinyl Flooring With Aged Look
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 05
    £12.99 per m2
  10. Antique Style Cushion Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 03 (Almeria Blue)
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 03
    £12.99 per m2
  11. Black And Grey Antique Design Sheet Vinyl Flooring In Tile Effect Style
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 02
    £12.99 per m2
  12. Red And Beige Shabby Chic Vinyl Flooring With Smooth Surface Finish
    Antique Cushioned Vinyl Flooring- Gustavian 01
    £12.99 per m2

12 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Tarkett has been a world class manufacturer of vinyl flooring since 2009 and you will find a number of Tarkett vinyls under the Best4flooring brand such as Rhinofloor. We choose to supply vinyl by Tarkett for many reasons such as their commitment to addressing a number of global challenges:

  • Aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Tarkett has been contributing for many years to five of them, deploying its 2020 sustainability roadmap throughout the entire organization.
  • ECO-DESIGN WITH GOOD MATERIALS: Tarkett focuses on selecting good materials for human health and the environment, and strives to improve indoor air quality and contribute to healthy spaces.
  • DEVELOP CIRCULAR ECONOMY MODELS: For Tarkett, a collaborative circular economy model is key to ensuring sustainable consumption and production, managing the end of use of products and transforming waste into high quality resources.
  • COMBAT CLIMATE CHANGE: Tarkett is committed to combating climate change, through energy management in industrial sites and the use of recycled materials.
  • DEVELOP ENTREPRENEURIAL & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Tarkett's contribution stems from a safe and diverse workplace, encouraging dialogue, and engagement with local communities.
  • FOSTER STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: As a reliable recognized leader, Tarkett is spearheading an industry-wide dialogue over responsible use of resources and sustainability.

Please use our shopping filter to locate the format and colour you are after but feel free to get in touch for help from our super friendly sales advisers.