Medium Shade Shabby Chic Conservatory Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) is a resilient floor that mimics the look and feel of natural wood and stone. It is a very popular alternative to wood and laminate flooring.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are textured which gives them added depth and realism and the high performance wear layer of the LVT provides exceptional durability.

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  1. Moduleo Impress Mystical 71937 Vinyl Flooring Lifestyle
    Moduleo Impress Mystical 71937 Glue Down Vinyl Flooring
    £34.99 per m2
  2. Medium Oak Chevron Pattern Lvt Planks For Dining Rooms, Hallways And Kitchens Impress Bohemian 61264
    Moduleo Impress Bohemian 61264 Glue Down Vinyl Flooring
    £34.99 per m2

2 Items

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