6 Autumn Design Trends To Spice Up Your Home


Get inspired for Autumn with these six neat trends to keep your home in trend for the season.

Now that the UK has entered autumn months, it offers the perfect opportunity for homeowners to update the feel of their home to suit the coming changes. This doesn’t mean seeking the same tired look you went for last year, but instead, offers new and exciting trends to spice up the look and feel of your home.

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To stop you falling behind and to get your home in shape, consider these six tips.

1. Add a touch of nature

The autumn months see a complete alteration of the landscape around us as leaves turn from green to brown. With nature changing so vividly and beautifully outside your home, why not make some natural changes inside as well? Woven lampshades, organic ceramics and linen tablecloths add some subtle paler shades which contrast beautifully with various shades of grey on other pieces of furniture. Even better, increase your number of house plants and receive the added benefits of a far more oxygenated living environment.Woven lampshades from Nkuku

2. The rise of emerald green

Following on from the theme of adding a touch of nature, many homes in the UK will see the autumn months introducing vivid emerald green in different parts of the house. Such a colour does have the tendency to stand out amongst its surroundings, so embrace that with accompanying whites and greys.

Emerald Green Sofa from Habitat

3. Monochrome

If bright, vivid green is not to your liking, then monochrome could be the perfect autumn trend to spice up your home. It works best to commit to a scheme like monochrome and pay attention to even the tiniest of details, including pots and vases and even the plants inside.

Monochrome black and white floor design


4. Use teal to add some light

As the nights draw in and we see less and less sun, many homeowners and designers turn to teal as a solution to brighten up their space. Teal works nicely alongside turquoise and grey, and even soft touches like a new rug or tablecloths can make a massive difference. Teal Roman Blinds from Blinds2go

5. Geometric tiles

If you’re up for getting your hands dirty and completely spicing up your interior design, autumn sees the end of square and rectangular tiles for the introduction of geometric patterns and designs adorning your walls and floors. They are versatile as well, seeing as geometric patterns suit both modern and old-fashioned style homes.

Moods Herringbone Vinyl Flooring Designs 

6. It’s time for some velvet

Few things scream luxury and comfort in the same way as velvet, and lucky for you it’s time to bring it into your living space. Colder evenings and shorter days mean more time snuggled up on the sofa with the family, and a velvet sofa or velvet cushions are a great way to bring style, comfort, warmth and practicality.

Velvet cushions from Trouva

Updating your home's interior design in time for autumn and the coming winter months means looking at your living space from top to bottom. So, whilst you’re there, why not start with the bottom and update your flooring?

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How your floor appears plays a large part in the overall look and feel of your home, but that doesn’t mean an expensive process of ripping up the floorboards. In fact, we have a comprehensive range of sale & clearance flooring items avaialble.

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