Glossary of Flooring Terms


What does acclimatisation mean?

Acclimatisation is the process in which flooring is allowed to adjust to the moisture content and climate of the environment it will be installed into.


What is basketweave?

Basketweave pattern of flooring that's based on basketwork.

Bevelled Edge

What is a bevelled edge?

Also known as V-Groove, this is the sloping edge on a plank or tile that has been chamfered to create a traditional board look. 

What are the different types of bevel?

A 2v bevelled product has the edging along the lengths

A 4v bevelled product has the edging on all four sides. 

A micro-beveled product  is a chamfered edge finish however it is much smaller in size so offers a more subtle distinction between each plank or tile.

Also see Square Edge.

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

What is a damp prof membrane and what does it do?

A membrane material used to prevent the transmission of moisture which could ultimately damage your floor.

Door Threshold Bar/Plate

What is a door threshold and what does it do?

This term is used to describe a product that's used to cover the seperation between two floor coverings in a doorway.


What is dryback flooring?

Luxury vinyl tiles that are required to be glued down with adhesive.


What is click flooring?

Flooring that clicks together and works as a floating floor such as laminate and click vinyl tiles.

End Joint

What is an end joint and what does it do?

The end section of a plank or tile that will be joined to the next one.

Expansion Gap

What is an expansion gap and what is the purpose?

The space left around the perimeter of a room to allow for expansion and contraction of a flooring product.

Floating Floor

What is a floating floor?

Specific type of flooring that does not need to be adhered or nailed to a sub-floor. The term floating refers to the installation method ie. Click Flooring.


What does herringbone mean in flooring terms?

Herringbone is a geometric pattern consisting of parallel blocks that slope in opposite directions similar to a V shape. Also see Parquet.


What is a micro-bevel?

See Bevel

Pattern Direction

What is the pattern direction and why is it important?

Refers to the direction of the flooring pattern. It is important to understand which direction you want any planks or lines to run when choosing your flooring.

For sheet vinyl the pattern can run along the width or the length and this is usually indicated in the spec.

E.g. If the design is a wood plank effect it's important to know if the planks run down the length or across the width as the cuts you choose will determin how the flooring will lay in your space.

Which direction should I lay my flooring?

The direction depends on the size and shape of your room and whether you wish to make it look longer or wider. We can advise you further on this.


What is parquet flooring?

Parquet is when the flooring is cut to specific shapes and laid in a geometric pattern. Mainly used with wood but is now gaining popularity with LVT and you can also find parquet designs in sheet vinyl flooring.

Phthalate Free

What are phthalates and why is pthalate free best?

All our PVC vinyl flooring is phthalate free. Pthalate free means the flooring does not include plasticisers that contain significant impurities of orthophthalic acid/anhydride derived molecules. 

Ramp Profile

What is a ramp profile?

Devised for use with floor coverings that are at different heights a Ramp Profile works to aesthetically finish the tranistion between the two. 

Self-Levelling Compound

What is a self levelling compound and when is it used?

Also know as screed this is a chemical compound that's deisgned to level uneven sub-floors.

Square Edge

What is a square edge?

Opposite to bevelled edge the square edge finish is a 90 degree right angle finish that makes the planks or tiles blend seamlessly together for a smooth looking floor.

Square Metre (m2)

A unit of area which is calculated by multiplying the width and length of that space. ie. 1m x 1m = 1m2


The floor foundation upon which flooring is laid upon. ie. Concrete and Floorboards.


Designed to bridge the gap between two floor coverings that have been installed at the same height level and may aslo be refered to as a cover bar.


Material placed between a flooring product and the sub-floor to create a barrier or foundation for which the flooring can be successfully installed upon.

Wear Layer

A protective layer in the make-up of vinyl flooriing which adds durability whilst also contributing to how a product will wear overtime. The thicker the wear-layer the more hard-wearing the flooring will be.

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