Zero to Landfill Policy

At Best4flooring we are committed to continuously assess and improve on our impact on the environment. We strive to reduce all waste and we are proud members of Carpet Recycling UK

CRUK Membership certificate

Did you know the different ways in which flooring waste can be recycled?

Equestrian surfaces

Mixed synthetic carpet is shredded and mixed with sand, to form a surface for equestrian use.

Nylon recovery 

Nylon can be extruded and injection moulded into engineering plastics such as washing machine parts or wheel trims.

Polypropylene recovery

Polypropylene face fibre and polypropylene backing can be shredded, granulated and extruded into pellets.

Underlay and insulation

Fibres from wool rich carpets have excellent insulating properties making them perfect for use in underlay and both sound and heat insulation products. The waste carpet fibres are pulled and blended with other fibres to create suitable materials. The process is being used both for fitting offcuts and for offcuts produced during manufacture – carpet manufacturers can now create a closed loop system and stop sending waste to landfill.

Compost and growing media

Due to the high nitrogen content, the fibres from wool-rich carpet are ideal as a peat replacement and soil enhancer for contained growing media (for example, in grow mats for herbs, green roofs and compost.)

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