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Protect your Floor For Christmas

"Santa Claus is coming, to toowwwn"

We are finally in December and Christmas is around the corner!

This year you've spent a lot of time and money to get your flooring and your home decor perfect! Candle, fire, food, wine ... all of these festive delights are your flooring nightmares. There is a few areas to carefully protect if you want to keep your flooring intact for the next years ahead! One of the most sensible areas are in front of the fireplace and under the Christmas tree.

A cheap and effective accessory to protect your floor is a pack of mixed felt pads. You want to put pads under the table and chairs "feet" but also if you placed your tree on a stand you want to use it for each foot. This will ensure your floor won't get scratched by your furniture. If you want to make sure the tree stand won't leave marks on the floor, put a thick rug under it. Add some fake snow on the carpet and around the tree to hide the carpet and create a wow factor!

Before your guests arrive, just refresh the floor to protect it with a Cleaner Maintainer, during the festivities, if some food or liquids spill on the floor, make sure to use Spot Cleaner as fast as possible. In order to protect your floor in front of the fireplace, it exists special floors-carpet to avoid any burns or other damages.

Christmas Tree

If you've got other techniques to protect your floor, don't hesitate to share them with us :)

We wish you good luck for your Christmas gift hunt and festive preparations !

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