Rigid Vinyl Flooring Comparison


If you are researching Rigid Vinyl floor then you may already know of the benefits and why you need to be using it in your home flooring project.

What is Rigid Vinyl Flooring?

Rigid Vinyl is an engineered floor that is designed to look like real wood or stone floor. Unlike the flexible LVT, rigid vinyl has an enhanced rigid core.

Distressed wood effect rigid vinyl flooring from the Revolution collection

What are the benefits of Rigid Vinyl Flooring?

The benefits of the rigid core are that it is a more stable floor solution.

Rigid LVT is perfect for home renovations, especially when you are laying floor in a period property with an uneven sub floor.

Most (but not all) Rigid vinyl floors have the underlay built in.

Light Oak Wood effect rigid vinyl flooring with built in underlay

Which Rigid Vinyl Brand is the Best?

All our rigid vinyl flooring collections are up to the job but you may choose one brand over another for various reasons:

Trust - You might want to choose a brand or shop that you trust, in case you have issues or need support later on.

Budget - You might be doing a renovation on a tight budget so want to balance quality with value for money.

Specification - You may have ideas on the minimum specification you need and only the thickest rigid core lvt will do. Or perhaps it's the wear layer that swings it (even if there is just 0.1mm difference.)

Oak effect rigid luxury vinyl flooring for residential use - perfect for renovations.

To start you off, look below to see an at a glance comparison of 3 Rigid Vinyl Flooring brands.

Rigid Vinyl Flooring Comparison


Rigid Click

Engineered Vinyl

Moduleo LayRed

Engineered Click Vinyl

Universal Rigid 

Click Vinyl

Floor Type


Protectonite PU Layer

Yes Yes Yes

Scuff & Stain Resistant

Yes Yes Yes

Water resistant

Yes Yes Yes

Guarantee: Residential

12 years Lifetime Lifetime

Guarantee: Commercial

5 Years 10 Years 10 Years

Slip Resistance Rating

R10 R10 R10

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes

Impact Sound (Acoustic Insulation)

4db 21db 21db

Wear Layer

0.3 mm 0.4 mm 0.3 mm


Bevelled (4v) Bevelled (4v) Microbevelled
Usage Class Class 23 (heavy)

Class 23(heavy)

Class 23(heavy)


4 mm 6 mm 5.5 mm

RRP per m2 (April 2021)

£16.99 per m2

(was £29.99 per m2)

£41.99 / £44.99 per m2 £19.95 per m2

In conclusion:

If you are looking for the cheapest solution that still performs as a Rigid Core LVT should, check out Universal Click vinyl flooring, and keep an eye on the clearance lines.

But if you are looking for thickness and your budget allows, then you may choose LayRed.

Just remember to use comparisons like this as a starting point and always ask for samples so you can check the quality and the colour up close.

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