The advantages of cushion vinyl flooring


There are many benefits to a cushioned vinyl floor: colour, design, easy maintenance and much more! In this article, we narrow down some of the best reasons.

Vinyl has come such a long way from the flooring that was installed into homes during the 1950s. Today, vinyl flooring is comfortable, practical, beautiful and available in a variety of patterns and finishes, suitable for any room in your home. Cushioned sheet vinyl flooring has many advantages when used in your home.

Variety of patterns and finishes to choose from

Long gone are the days of boring vinyl that was only available in one shade of brown. Today, cushion flooring is so exciting, as you can now express your personality in any room. Today you can buy cushion vinyl flooring with a stone or wood finish that is perfect for a living room or hallway. Vinyl flooring is also available in all colours of the rainbow and in any pattern. 

Example of patterned sheet vinyl - patchwork tile effect Marino

Seamless flooring that is easy to fit

There will be no unsightly seams when you install cushion vinyl flooring as most vinyl sheet flooring is available in 2m and 3m widths. Installing this type of flooring is incredibly easy and gives you a professional finish. 

Easy to install cushion vinyl - Abstrato Tavira sheet vinyl flooring

The natural look

Cushion vinyl flooring can look incredibly natural when you opt for a wooden or tiled finish. A wood effect will always give you that natural touch to any room, helping to add warmth. If you are planning to install cushion flooring in your kitchen, then the tiled finish is perfect, as this will give your kitchen that classic look, without getting cold feet in the winter months. This flooring is incredibly warm and comfortable. 

Buckingham Victorian tile effect cushion vinyl in kitchen

Super quiet flooring

If you want your flooring to be as cushioned and quiet as possible, then you really can't go wrong with cushion vinyl flooring. The real beauty of this type of flooring is that it absorbs all noise. This can be incredibly advantageous when living in a flat, or if you have noisy toddlers stomping about your home.

example of quiet cushioned vinyl - herringbone pacific painted wood sheet vinyl

Cushion vinyl flooring is waterproof

Vinyl flooring can really be used in any room in your home, including the bathroom, shower room and kitchen, because it is one hundred percent waterproof. So, if you do have young children who are prone to making a splash in the bathroom, then you needn't worry. The same is true in the kitchen when those unfortunate plumbing disasters occur. 

Kensington Victorian cushion vinyl in bathroom

The low maintenance option

Once your cushion vinyl flooring has been installed, then it is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to sweep and then mop. It can be easily and quickly cleaned of all muddy footprints, dirt and debris with all traces of dirt and much easily lifted. No special cleaning products are needed, just mop as you would a normal floor.

Gustavian 02 cushioned vinyl family friendly


The surface of vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and hard wearing. It will not easily tear, rip or scratch. The tough and protective coating also means that it will not easily stain or bleach in direct sunlight. This is why cushion vinyl flooring can be used in those rooms that are deemed as heavy use.  Considering cushioned vinyl flooring in your home? Browse Best4flooring for our great range of options.

Cairo 02 cushion vinyl sheet in hallway

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