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When would wood win?

Redesigning rooms - or building new ones - leaves with you a sea of options to make it your own. Sometimes the hardest decision is what lies beneath – the floor.

This surface can’t be an afterthought. Apart from needing something durable for families or customers to walk across, if you end up with an ugly or inappropriate floor covering, it can take your decorating success to rock bottom.

One of the most popular options for ticking all the boxes is natural and classy wood flooring. But are there other advantages to investing in wood apart from aesthetic appeal?

Let’s take look at two big benefits - durability and better health - in more detail.

In a nutshell – natural and hardwearing

Thanks to the warm tones and natural variations in oak and walnut, wood floors can be highly individual and utterly charming. Rustic or contemporary, it fits with any theme.

But a well-refined wooden floor is also the top contender for withstanding all efforts to scrape, scratch, scuff or dent it. You can also wipe up spills without a fuss, so for high traffic areas, it can be invaluable.



However, one of the biggest advantages of choosing a wooden floor is certainly not to be sneezed at. Wood floors can be good for your health. Seriously.

Ways to make your home allergen free

The UK has some of the highest rates allergy issues in the world – around 20% of the population have problems. 50% of all kids are diagnosed with an asthma-related condition and childhood eczema is also on the rise.

And it’s not just kids. A shocking (and rising) 44% of British adults suffer from at least one allergy, particularly asthma, which can kill. Not surprisingly then, Doctors are beginning to recommend wood floors in family homes.

We would all like to think we are house proud, but it is harder to keep carpets free of allergens (the bad guys who cause allergic reactions). There are even some that can resist the most enthusiastic use of a vacuum cleaner. If you are prone to allergies, a wooden floor greatly reduces your exposure, especially in bedrooms.

Easy clean to a microscopic level

Well-engineered wooden floors made from quality materials and sealed flawlessly don’t hang on to mould spores and allergens. They are super easy to clean, helping you easily remove pet hairs, dust mites, pollen and other stuff you don’t want lying around.

Wooden floors are also great at repelling other things such as smells – whereas carpets and rugs can trap smoke fumes, for example.

Other options for allergy control

If for some reason you don’t like the look of wooden floors, fear not. Vinyl flooring and laminates are an alternative for health-conscious houses. The only slight word of caution is that if you are doing home improvements for someone with severe allergies, these materials do have chemicals added during their manufacture.

Tree-mendously good advice

If these advantages can’t be overlooked in your home or commercial premises, you “wood” be welcome to have a no obligation chat with the team at best4flooring. Check out our engineered wood flooring choices online.

Source: https://www.allergyuk.org/information-and-advice/statistics

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