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Glossary of Flooring Terms

Acclimatisation - A process in which flooring is allowed to adjust to the moisture content and climate of the environment it will be installed into.

Adhesive - Commonly known as glue this semi-liquid prouduct is designed to bond two items together.

Basketweave - Pattern of flooring that's based on basketwork.

Bevelled Edge - Also known as V-Groove, this is the sloping edge on a plank or tile that has been chamfered to create a traditional board look. A 2v bevelled product would have this edging along the lengths whereas a 4v bevelled product would be on all four sides.

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) - is a membrane material used to prevent the transmission of moisture which could ultimately damage your floor.

Door Threshold Bar/Plate- This term is used to describe a product that's used to cover the seperation between two floor coverings in a doorway.

Dryback - Luxury vinyl tiles that are required to be glued down with adhesive.

Click- Flooring that clicks together and works as a floating floor such as laminate and click vinyl tiles.

End Joint- The end section of a plank or tile that will be joined to the next one.

Expansion Gap - The space left around the perimeter of a room to allow for expansion and contraction of a flooring product.

Floating Floor - Specific type of flooring that does not need to be adhered or nailed to a sub-floor. The term floating refers to the installation method ie. Click Flooring.

Herringbone (Parquet) - A geometric pattern consisting of parallel blocks that slope in opposite directions similar to a V shape.

Length - The linear measurement of something from end to end that's typically the longest measurement of an area.

Micro-Bevel - Similar to a bevelled edge the micro bevel is a chamfered edge finish however it's much smaller in size offering a more subtle distinction between each plank or tile.

Ramp Profile - Devised for use with floor coverings that are at different heights a Ramp Profile works to aesthetically finish the tranistion between the two. 

Self-Levelling Compound- Also know as screed this is a chemical compound that's deisgned to level uneven sub-floors.

Square Edge - Opposite to bevelled edge the square edge finish is a 90 degree right angle finish that makes the planks or tiles blend seamlessly together for a smooth looking floor.

Square Metre (m2) - A unit of area which is calculated by multiplying the width and length of that space. ie. 1m x 1m = 1m2

Subfloor - The floor foundation upon which flooring is laid upon. ie. Concrete and Floorboards.

T-Profile - Designed to bridge the gap between two floor coverings that have been installed at the same height level and may aslo be refered to as a cover bar.

Underlayment - Material placed between a flooring product and the sub-floor to create a barrier or foundation for which the flooring can be successfully installed upon.

Wear Layer - A protective layer in the make-up of vinyl flooriing which adds durability whilst also contributing to how a product will wear overtime. The thicker the wear-layer the more hard-wearing the flooring will be.

Width - Linear measurement of an area or floor-covering from side to side.