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Interior design ideas for the family bathroom

When designing a family bathroom it is very important to consider the needs of the entire family. The family bathroom needs to be a practical space for children, as well as a relaxing space for the adults. Below we share some top interior design tips to help you create the perfect family bathroom.

The bath

The family bathroom has to have a bath. The shape and size you choose very much depends upon the size of room. Just remember that you need enough room around the bath for when you need to bathe your little ones. Corner baths really do free up a lot of space, and choose a bath that is smooth with no hard edges.

Grey Metalstone Vinyl Flooring in bathroom

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Do you need a shower?

Kensington cushion sheet vinyl in shower room

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It's a good idea to include a shower or shower cubicle in your family bathroom. They can help to speed up the morning washing rituals, can help reduce those water and heating bills, and are great when you're in a hurry. A shower cubicle that is fully enclosed is great for older kids, whereas a shower placed over the bath is preferable for younger children.

Wall covering

Today there is so much choice when it comes to decorating the bathroom wall. For family use, you want a bathroom wall that is quick and easy to keep clean. Your best options are those of a bathroom splash-back or large bathroom tiles. Splash-backs are stylish, waterproof and easy to clean. Large bathroom ceramic tiles can be bought in any shape or colour, allowing you many design options.

Moroccan design flooring Tangier 03 cushioned vinyl in bathroom

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The floor

The family bathroom floor needs to be practical, non slip and of course waterproof. Good options are those of vinyl tiles and laminate flooring. Vinyl tiles can be arranged in any colour combination or pattern, are hard-wearing, and most importantly are non slip. This is why the vinyl tile is the most popular choice of flooring in a bathroom that is used by young children. Laminate flooring is also good, but it needs to be properly sealed to make it water right.

tangier 02 red moroccan design cushioned sheet vinyl flooring

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This has to be one of the biggest considerations for a bathroom that is used by everyone. Use as much space as you can to create storage. Large wall cabinets, under bath storage and cupboards under the sink are all useful options. Designated and labelled cupboards are also good ideas.

Antique Shabby Chic style patterned sheet vinyl flooring in bathroom

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The importance of accessories

Accessories really do make the bathroom your own. Choose a colour or theme and work with this. A blue, nautical theme could mean that you choose white and blue vinyl tiles, add curtains covered in boats and a mirror that is lined in sea shells. The choice is yours. The accessories you choose just need to work for the whole family. Don't forget a step stool and a toy holder for the bath.

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