Is Terrazzo Making A Comeback?


The terrazzo style has had a colourful history in the UK, but fell out of favour in the last few decades. Now it looks like it's coming back in a big way!

Terrazzo styled flooring is making a comeback to UK homes

Terrazzo was popularised in 15th century Italy when Venetian mosaic workers discovered how to reuse marble pieces left over after finished jobs. The marble was placed and ground flat to create a smoother walking surface. It was then coated with goat milk to reveal the marble's bright colours. In time the artists responsible for this style moved from Italy and began introducing it to the rest of the world.

Timeless terrazzo: UK retrospective

research article from 2019 investigated the history of terrazzo in the UK. The first terrazzo companies began emerging in the English market around the 1880s. While the style was popular, it reached a surge in demand post World War One. In part to both the British Government and property development companies funding the construction of buildings that all utilised terrazzo material.

The style had many benefits: 

  • Durability
  • Various applications (floors, pillars, dividing walls, etc.)
  • Variety of colours made from the material

Unfortunately, the 1970s economic crisis affected the terrazzo industry, with UK firms closing or merging to stay afloat. It's oft-remembered as a 70s fad. Which might be because epoxy-based terrazzo was introduced around this time (compared to the traditional cement mixture), leading to faster applications and more wide-spread use. Too much exposure can be a bit waning, which might have been the case here.

Fortunately, there has been a big buzz about the style coming back in recent years. Time, after time, we see that classic trends have a habit of re-appearing. For terrazzo, this is in thanks to getting that same excellent effect with sheet vinyl!

The benefits of terrazzo effect sheet vinyl

Because of the complex nature of installing traditional terrazzo, this flooring is a timely and costly process. On the other hand, terrazzo effect sheet vinyl has all the perks of this classic design, with some added benefits to boot!

Traditional terrazzo is quite a cold surface that doesn't retain heat well; though a cushioned sheet vinyl comprises different layers that give a warm and comfortable sensation underfoot. It is also easy to install and doesn't require complicated techniques associated with traditional terrazzo flooring. The sheet vinyl that we sell is also durable, water-resistant and straightforward to maintain.

Where can you place terrazzo effect sheet vinyl?

Our Terrazzo Cocoa Granite Sheet Vinyl is proving popular on Instagram:

Instagram customer photo @the_seaburn_house of cocoa granite terazzo effect sheet vinyl flooring

Sarah and Mickey of the_seaburn_house are two designers renovating a Victorian Terrace. They wanted a neutral kitchen, and the Terrazzo sheet vinyl adds to the warm and calm vibes.

Instagram customer photo (Brentwood_no6) of bathroom installation using cocoa granite terrazzo sheet vinyl flooring

Lou and Ben of brentwood_no.6 are on their third Victorian renovation and chose Terrazzo vinyl for their ensuite. Two years in the making but worth waiting for. Wow!

Our terrazzo effect sheet vinyl is a perfect fit for anywhere in the house, from living rooms, hallways to conservatories. This vinyl's water-resistant capabilities are suitable for a kitchen and bathroom project in the customer photos, as shown above. When placing the terrazzo effect vinyl in a kitchen or bathroom, we recommend cleaning it at the edges to give it a fully water-resistant finish.

For further questions on applying this stunning vinyl in your home, please don't hesitate to contact our team of flooring experts.

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