Porcelain Vs LVT Flooring


Not sure how to choose between porcelain and LVT flooring? We take a look at their pros and cons to help you make the best decision.

Porcelain and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) differ in many ways, but each type provides long lasting and attractive designs for homeowners. However, which one you decide to choose can depend on a variety of factors. In the following article, we will explain the pros and cons of porcelain tiles and LVT flooring.

Cost of Porcelain vs LVT Flooring

Firstly, the cost of flooring is different. The porcelain tiles at Best4flooring are all sold at the same price, but the price of LVT flooring will change depending on the installation type.

For example, glue down LVT is more cost-effective than porcelain, but it does require skill to install. If you aren't confident with doing this, then you could incur further costs down the line getting a professional installer to do it for you. The same applies to laying down porcelain indoors, which requires a bit of skill and an appropriate adhesive for the installation*.

Installing porcelain tiles becomes more complex when laying down the flooring outside. It involves a good deal of time and precision to install and has greater room for error. We would recommend contacting a professional installer to ensure the porcelain tiles are fixed down correctly.

Click LVT at face value is slightly more costly than porcelain and glue down LVT flooring, but it is simpler to install. This type of flooring requires no adhesive, though an underlay is required to ensure the flooring is strong, stable and more soundproof.

*Always refer to the manufacturer's installation guidelines and use their recommended accessories and underlays.

Differences in design

LVT flooring emulates the realistic appearances of wood and stone flooring with a dizzying variety of designs available. There is also Embossed in Register (EIR) LVT, which is the closest you can get to replicating the textures and grains of a real wooden floor. 

When it comes to Porcelain tiles, we offer a mixture of vibrant floral, abstract and geometric shaped patterns. One of the unique features of porcelain tiles is the ability to mix & match the tiles to create your own varied designs.

Placing Porcelain vs LVT Flooring

This is where it gets really interesting. LVT flooring is a durable, water-resistant flooring that's fit for all areas in the home. It is a great bit of flooring when you're thinking about renovating the inside, but you can't place LVT on walls or around the outside.

example images of luxury vinyl tile flooring placement

On the other hand, porcelain is the best option for outdoor spaces like your garden pathways and patios. Its frost resistance and thermal shock resistance help protect it against unpredictable weather changes and sudden drops in temperature. Also, it is the only flooring product we currently provide that's suitable for both floor and wall surfaces!

examples of porcelain tile placement

For a quick overview of these different flooring types, check out our handy brand comparison table below.

Porcelain VS LVT Flooring Comparison Table


LVT Glue Down

LVT Click

Porcelain Tiles

Suitable for Outdoors

No No Yes

Thermal Shock Resistance

No No Yes

Water Resistant

Yes Yes Yes

Frost Resistance

No No Yes*

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Yes* Yes* Yes*

Suitable for Indoors

Yes Yes Yes

Suitable for walls

No No Yes

*refer to manufacturers installation instructions.

Do you know what flooring you want but are unsure how much you need? Best4flooring provides a handy room calculator that'll help you add it all up! You can find this nifty tool on all of our LVT and Porcelain product pages.

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