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Benefits of Click Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring has been used for many years in both commercial and domestic installations and provides a durable, practical and cost effective floor finish.

Universal Click Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

A drawback of the glue down vinyl tiles has been time consuming and sometimes costly floor preparation and reactions to site conditions. Universal Click Vinyl Flooring has solved this problem as it doesn't require adhesive or nails it just simply clicks together in the same way that Laminate Flooring has done for many years. Universal Click Vinyl Flooring is completely waterproof unlike Laminate Flooring and requires little or no expansion gap, so there's no need to remove skirting boards or install beading.

Universal Click can be installed over many existing floor finishes. Floor coverings such as ceramic, wood, concrete, asphalt and vinyl provide a suitable surface to install Universal Click with little or no preparation required and no uplift time, mess or cost.

Click Vinyl Flooring Underlay

Excellent impact sound and in-room noise insulation.

When installing Universal Click you can include a suitable underlay such as Xtrafloor click vinyl flooring underlay or Timbertech Select, both will even out minor floor imperfections such as grout lines in ceramics whilst providing great insulation from heat and cold. The use or a suitable underlay will also reduce impact sound in the area where Universal click is being installed.
Sourcing flooring for cellars and basements is now straight forward with Universal Click as it is completely unaffected by damp floor conditions and copes well with high humidity, also making it ideal for use over new concrete floors in new build conservatories or home and office extensions. Universal Click is also perfect for installing over underfloor heating.
The applications for Universal Click as a flooring solution are endless. Whilst it can easily be installed as a DIY product it comes with a 20 year domestic and 10 year commercial guarantee making it a go to product for any project.

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