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Decorating with Jewel Tones

Precious stones and gems are in possession of such vibrancy and unique hues, and the word from many interior designers is that they will be a big fixture in 2018.


Ruby-red carpet, sapphire-blue walls or an emerald-green rug, for example, can transform a space spectacularly. In these colours there is sophistication and luxury, and a home adorned with them will impress and excite any visitor you may have.

Read on for some top tips from the interior design world on how to use jewel tones in a space to help you feel inspired and set you on the path to hitting one of the top decorating trends that 2018 will bear.

Think big

Decorating with jewel tones means jumping in with both feet, according to interior design mogul Sheila Bridges. A few cushions on the sofa aren't going to cut it; an accent wall is far more likely to have the impact you need. Paint is inexpensive, and it can be applied yourself relatively quickly, so you can easily make the changes to your wall colours if you want to.

In the early stages, look for small pieces of jewel-toned furnishings. This way, you won't have invested too heavily if you decide the colours aren't working. Once you are more settled into your choice of colour scheme, you can think about purchasing some larger jewel-toned furniture.

Balance with monochrome


Adding black and white shades into a space will soften the intensity of the jewel tones. It's stylish and contemporary, and it will suppress the loudness of a jewel tone to make the whole aura feel more neutral. For example, if you have walls in an immaculate shade of emerald green, you can add black and white in the form of patterned bedding or a zebra rug to balance the look. The accent colours you apply will set the tone of the space, and help you decide which way to go with your jewel tones.

Allow bold to beget more bold


One of the great things about working with deep jewel tones is that they give rise to more highly pigmented colours. It's as if the design scheme necessitates another equally bold tone to create balance and harmony in the space. This might be carpet, chairs or prints, but complementary colours of equal depth really make a potent statement and look great side by side. In essence, they bring the best out of one another.

Experts are heralding the rise of jewel tones as an interior design trend for 2018. If you are planning to redecorate this year, and want to make a real change to your home, this is a trend that might be the perfect solution for you. There are plenty of options for the imaginative designer to blend flooring, furniture, rugs, wallpaper and accessories around a space where complementing jewel tones and their balancing shades conjure a wonderful contemporary statement.

And what better way to see off the cold winter than to inject a wealth of colour into your home that heralds the arrival of spring?

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