Thrifty Upcycling Ideas for your Home


Upcycling Ideas for your Home It's that time of year where we start to spend more time indoors on our sofas and enjoy more early nights to keep the winter cold at bay. However, this is the perfect time to take a look around your home with a new fresh set of eyes. Revamping and improvements don't have to be left for the spring and summer months, instead you could revamp your home with some thrifty upcycling this winter:

What Is Upcycling?

One way to describe upcycling is a process of taking something old, used, word or simply no longer needed and revamping it into something brand new. So you are effectively re-purposing or re-using the product.

What Can Be Up-cycled?

Just about anything, from clothes, sofas, lamps, soft home furnishings you name it. As long as there is a clear method to revamp the item, it can be up-cycled.

The Difference Between Up-cycling and Recycling

Recycling will take discarded unwanted items such as plastic, card, glass and paper and break them down so they can be reused to make a new item with the same materials. With Upcycling you are not breaking down anything, quite the opposite! The aim is to re-use what you have and maintain it with a slight improvement.

What Are The Benefits Of Upcycling?

Up-cycling has many benefits to homeowners and savers alike. You could even add value to an existing item you have, making it appear brand new or more on trend. It's also a fantastic way to save money. Up-cycling can be as easy on the pocket as you wish it to be. When it comes to interior design, up-cycling can have your home looking like new in no time, well in as much time as it takes for your project to be complete, depending on how grand your upcycle project is. Our favourite reason for up-cycling has to be that it is better for the planet.  If you can find a use for an item you are saving it from the trash. It's also better than recycling, as that requires energy and power from machinery. All that and you are also not making an unnecessary purchase. It's win win all round.

Home Interior Upcycling Inspiration


Fancy a new dining or kitchen table? Not got the budget for it just yet? No problem. Kitchen and dining tables are a great place to start to revamp a room. As a household item, tables also take a lot of pressure from wear and tear. Scratches, hot plates, stains, food the list is endless. Depending on the material of your table you have in mind you could repaint it or add stencil designs.


Why not upcycle your stools to go with your brand new table? Again paint, stencils and plastic coverings are ideal starting points for inspiration.

Sideboards and Cabinets

A lick of paint, re-sanding down to the natural wood, re-varnishing, stencil designs all add a brand new look to transform the interior design of a room.

Plastic Bottles

The plastic bottle has a multitude of uses. We've seen bird feeders, pen holders, pencil cases, poop scoops, bag dispensers and even foot stools. Remember that inspiration for up-cycling can also come from car boot sales, charity or second hand shops. Donated items may look worn at the first glance however, imagine what you could do with it during and upcycle project. See the item in a new light is the mindset for up-cycling. You can also visit craft and DIY shops for an array of inspiration for materials to use, to revamp your household items. Set a budget to spend and stick to it. We LOVE Pinterest for getting ideas and motivation for upcycling furniture and everyday items. Why not follow our board and start saving ideas on your own.

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