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Interior Design Ideas To Complement Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an ever-popular choice thanks to its timeless elegance, durability, practicality and versatility. It will often look stunning wherever it is laid but there are also things that you can do to make the most of its beauty and to ensure that your interior design dreams match up to reality. To help you out, here are our top tips for integrating your wooden floors into your overall design plans.

Go with the flow

Make sure your flooring choices flow throughout your home. This is especially important with open plan designs where the whole idea is that one space rolls seamlessly into another.

Try hard to avoid awkward dividers, which can interrupt the flow, disrupt the aesthetic and create areas which will prove hard to clean in the long run.

Source: yakusha.com.ua/

Rugged appeal

Add comfort and luxury to rooms using beautiful rugs. These can also help to anchor your overall interior design and direct attention away from less attractive elements or towards focal points in your rooms. As well as boosting the aesthetic appeal, rugs can also serve a practical purpose by adding warmth, protecting well-used areas and reducing noise.

Mix and match

The versatility of wood flooring means that it pairs naturally with traditional interiors but it also juxtaposes perfectly against very modern design elements. Don’t be scared to combine polished wood with shiny chrome, contemporary cabinets or technology hubs.

Source: www.v4woodflooring.co.uk

Intentional mismatches

You don’t have to be confined by your particular choice of wooden floor tones. Contemporary interior design often mixes sleek and stylish with rough and rustic or blends a mixture of grains and stains to give the impression of a collection amassed over time.

Find your soft spot

Use softer fabrics, accessories and area rugs to balance the firmness and visual weight of your wooden floors. Billowing window fabrics, sheepskin rugs, silk cushions, metallic light fittings and glass lamps can be combined to add layers and textures for a multi-sensory experience in a multitude of rooms.

Source: www.v4woodflooring.co.uk

See the light

Balance dark wooden flooring by using clever techniques to boost the light in your rooms. Choose lighter cabinets in a kitchen, for example, or paint walls white. Make the most of natural light and choose rug patterns and colours to lift the tone.

Neutral appeal

Wooden flooring that doesn’t have intense red or yellow undertones can be a fantastically neutral background, offering you the opportunity to use almost any colours and tones as part of your overall design plans.

Colourful accents

Creating an extremely neutral home can seem like the best idea to ensure timeless elegance but it can leave it lacking in personality. If you do not want to have to change major elements of your interior design too frequently, keep the bulk of the elements neutral but make the most of colourful accents to add fun and fashion to living spaces. These accents will be easy to alter if your taste or fashions change, and can work wonders in directing eyes away from less appealing features in a room.

source: www.v4woodflooring.co.uk

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