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No More Mowing!

Reasons I love natural grass.

  1. The smell when it is freshly cut.
  2. The smell when it has just rained.
  3. The feel of healthy thick grass underfoot.
  4. Watching my dog gleefully grunting and rubbing his back in the dew.

Reasons I'm not so keen on a natural lawn in the garden.

  1. Dog pee kills it and causes yellow patches. LOADS of them!
  2. The Mower is noisy - and my dogs don't like it.
  3. The sorry state it gets in during the wet, darker months.
  4. Which means muddy paw prints that transfer into the house.
  5. Mowing is strenuous (more so if using a manual power).

Reasons I have fallen in love with artificial grass.

  1. It doesn't need cutting.
  2. It looks like real grass.
  3. No. More. Muddy. Paws (well...unless they've been somewhere muddy)
  4. It's soft so still feels great underfoot.
  5. The dogs don't freak out at the sound of the mower anymore.
  6. It looks GREAT ALL YEAR.
  7. No more yellow patches when your girl dog pees on it because it washes away!
  8. The happiest dog in the world still gets to roll and rub his back in the morning dew.
  9. Did I mention, no more mowing?

That was almost a poem.

The end.

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