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Find out the best outdoor tiles to use, and take some inspiration from our customer examples to help with your next outdoor tiling project!

Start an outdoor tiling project

It can make you feel a little stir-crazy cooped up in lockdown. With little opportunity to adventure outside, re-watching Friends for the tenth time (maybe that's just me), can get dull very fast. One way to get a nice breath of fresh air, and at the same time, remain safe is to try a little outside DIY!

What tiles are best for outdoors?

The best part about a DIY project is you can take your time with it, and work on it when you want to. When planning to update your garden path, garage floor or any area outside the home, it's best to choose the right tile for outdoor use. Porcelain tiles are the best as they offer strong durability and great water resistance to combat the unpredictable weather!

Porcelain tile ideas

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to a porcelain tile makeover! Whether you're considering an outdoor or indoor project, we've seen our porcelain displayed in some amazing arrangements. See for yourself:

Every project has to start somewhere, and Kate from @our_bears_home showed off our porcelain tile in her lovely mood board.

Being both water-resistant and eye-catching, @thecampbellabode renovated their family bathroom with our porcelain tiles, and we think it looks fantastic!

Kelly from @kellyterranova_ made a lovely renovation of her campervan, using our porcelain tiles to decorate her kitchen bulkhead. It fits the floral free-spirited perspective!

Where will your next project take you? Whether you choose indoors, outdoors or even the mobile home, consider renovating with porcelain & ceramic tiles. With our variety of striking patterns, you can brighten up your surroundings, and have a lovely set-up for summer!

Have any questions about your DIY porcelain project? You can get some fantastic advice by contacting our team of flooring experts.

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