Colour Trends 2021 and Choosing Flooring to Match


From documented research in colour psychology to the decisions made by industry interior design leaders. We uncover the top colour trends that will be emerging in 2021.

Choosing the colour in your home is more important than you may think. Colour dominates our every waking moment, from the clothes we wear to the furniture we buy. Specifically, colour psychology seeks to determine how it influences human behaviour and what we can learn from our preferences. 

What's your favourite colour?

For what is a growing research area, officially documented studies are somewhat rare, though in 2013, one study found that our colour preferences change over time. What we like as an infant will be different when you become an adult. Interestingly, a worldwide survey in 2015 found that the colour blue is a global favourite - This could stem from our human evolution (ancestors staring up at the blue sky), to how we place context - our experiences with particular objects (toys, clothes, cars).

There's a lot that can determine a favourite colour. When you look at interior design, this is no different with trends and styles changing each year. Two industry leaders in particular, have unveiled what colours should be trending in 2021.

The best interior design colours for 2021

Across industry standards, both Dulux and Pantone's decisions go a long way to influencing industry design trends for the year to come. For 2021, this is what they've decided as the colours of the year:

  • Dulux: Brave Ground
  • Pantone: Ultimate Gray + Illuminating

What does this mean?

Dulux describes Brave Ground as a "warm, natural neutral that's an enabling and stabilizing colour." While dealing with the current global pandemic, this colour choice helps bring a stable feeling to the home. The colour would work well with indoor plants, and beige patterns which we think would pair well with our selection of dark wood floors.

Pantone describes the combination of Ultimate Gray + Illuminating as "a message of happiness supported by fortitude". The mixture of grey and yellow come together to showcase how two strong independent colours can complement one another. For example, if you were to add splashes of yellow furniture around your grey flooring.

Both Pantone and Dulux centre around a common theme given the current climate we are all facing, that of comfort, steadiness and reassurance. It's a lot to take in when you are preparing to give your room a makeover, and whatever choice you make should coincide with the flooring. Helping you with this, we offer a wide range of colours across our range of flooring.

Colour categories

Whether you're choosing LVT, sheet vinyl, laminate flooring or porcelain tiles, you can search for and find your favourite colour to adorn the home.

Take these examples:

Blue flooring

The colour blue has many famous associations from morosely "singing the blues" to sudden or unexpected circumstances appearing "out of the blue". As we mentioned initially, the colour blue is a cheerful colour that generates calm and positivity. We have a lovely range of blue sheet vinyl flooring with and blue porcelain tiles.

Grey flooring

view our entire range of grey flooring

Often seen as quite a drab colour, grey is a colour that envelops and conforms to its surroundings. However, as seen in the decision by Pantone, grey represents a stable and comforting colour that subconsciously protects the home. With this choice to become more on-trend this year, you can add style and flair to your home, while giving a stable, protective base with our entire range of grey flooring.

Black and white flooring

Dual opposites, black traps space and white opens it up, when both come together, they can create unique and effective patterns. Black and white tiles evoke a sense of nostalgia, often found in historic homes. However, with many bold and unique styles out there, this approach offers a whimsical modern touch. We have plenty of available options, so dive into our full range of black and white flooring.

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