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Explaining Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring Options

A common question asked about Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring

"I am looking at Moduleo Transform vinyl flooring (Tivoli Travertine 40116). What is the difference between ‘click’ and ‘dry back’?"

Moduleo is unique in the fact that they are the only luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer that offer luxury vinyl tiles and planks in both a 'dry back' and a 'click' format. Making the Moduleo range of luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks the most versatile on the market today. We often get asked to explain the difference between the two so, here is a quick overview of the benefits and application for each option.

A 'Dry back' vinyl flooring tile is a conventional vinyl tile/plank that is fixed to a sub-floor using an appropriate adhesive and requires a smooth level surface to fix to. A well prepared sub-floor is essential for this type of product as minor imperfections will show through the finished floor  and can spoil the over all effect, therefore this kind of installation is best carried out by an experienced floor layer.

Moduleo Select Jazz 40880

Stripping has been used to imitate grout lines with this tile.

Dry back vinyl flooring tiles and planks are perfect for use in decorative floors where different coloured  strips are used to create perimeter borders, grout lines or to high-light certain features in an area.

'Click' vinyl flooring tiles and planks are installed differently to 'dry back', they do not require fixing to a floor with adhesive instead they click together creating a floating floor. This method of fixing has been commonly used with wood and laminate flooring for many years, but only recently with luxury vinyl flooring tiles.

Brand new: Click technology

Unlike wood and laminate flooring, click vinyl flooring tiles are waterproof  and require little or no expansion gap. Click vinyl flooring tiles don't require professional installation and can easily be laid over existing floor coverings such as vinyl, ceramics and wood with little preparation.

The introduction of click technology by Moduleo really has revolutionised  luxury vinyl flooring, adding to the possibilities and applications of the already versatile vinyl flooring tile. All Moduleo products are available to buy from our online store with free nationwide delivery, you can also order samples of product from our online store to assist you with your selection.

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